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Current Website or Intended Website address (Domain)?

**If Current Website:
a) With whom do you currently host your website? And Host Logins
b) Will the existing website content be used?
c) If Domain is owned currently, what are the logins?

How soon Do You Need The Website Completed?

Do you already have a logo or branded materials such as business cards, stationary?

Who is your target audience?

(Examples: age, industry, gender, income, geographical area, etc)

The importance of first impression is paramount. How should visitors describe your new site?

(Examples: modern, user friendly, bold, corporate, fun, forward thinking, elegant, clean, minimal, etc.)

What kinds of images best reflect your business?

(Examples: business images, product images, industry, nature, etc)

Do you have a color scheme? If not, what is your color preference?

Do you need E-Commerce?

Please list your competitors’ websites. What do you like and not like about their websites?

Are there any particular websites that you like? Why?

Examples: page elements like headers, menus, sidebars, colors, typography, photos, etc.)

Any Additional Comments: