The Evolution of the Vape Industry

The technology behind vaping traces itself to the first electronic cigarette developed by Herbert Gilbert, which he patented in 1963. Despite being developed in the 1960s, electronic cigarettes did not become a publicly-sold product until 2003. That year, Hong Kong pharmacist Hon Lik was looking for a safer alternative to smoking and patented the first modern e-cig.

The product soon became very popular in China and then worldwide. Vaporizer technology is constantly changing and evolving to create a better user experience. Because of this, vaping equipment can be broken down into several different product generations.

The vape industry is one driven not just by market needs, but by innovation as well. Unlike many industries, vaping is entirely open to new ideas and is focused on implementing new concepts.

This openness to product evolution is one of the reasons the industry has grown so quickly and vaporizers have evolved into more complex devices in such a short time.

As the industry has grown, the ability of users to fully control their vaping experience has also increased. This has helped create a vibrant and engaged user community.